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Get Noticed

Great Brands Stand Out

Your brand needs to be Unique and Engaging.

Your strategy needs to make your brand stand out from the competition.

Your marketing content needs to be memorable.

Let FrogHopper help you do this!

Why FrogHopper?

FrogHopper has been doing this for 25 years on brands worth £500M right down to new brands that want to shake up their category.

Lessons learned from Big Cheese companies like McVitie's and Unilever are used with smaller businesses who need marketing that works.

Contact me to chat about your needs. Happy to chat for free, no ties for 30 mins then we can go from there or you can mull over things a little more whilst you decide your next steps.

FrogHopper Can Help You

Launch your Start-Up

Re-launch your business if sales are struggling

Make your brand unique

Develop a distinctive Brand Logo, look and tone of voice for all your communications. 

Develop an effective Marketing Strategy

Use Market Research to optmise your product, packaging or service.


Lizanne really made a difference to the business- particularly on advertising and Innovation. She has the precious and rare ability of being able to translate genuine consumer insights into ...
Jon Eggleton (ex MD McVitie's)

Our Areas of Expertise

All services
All services
What We Do

What We Do


Can you describe your brand in one sentence? Does that one sentence pick out an emotional benefit that customers find …

Market Research

FrogHopper started off in Market Research after graduating in Psychology. My goal was to make sure any new ideas or …


Marketing starts with great Brands that are Unique, Memorable and inherently Appealing.

Once you get that bit right, …

Packaging Research

Your pack is how you make your first impression & how you stand out from the crowd.  

We do judge books by their …

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